Sagefit Nutritional Counseling

Sage offers free professional nutritionist counseling with our training packages. This counseling uses our proficiency and knowledge, together with medical grade dietitian software, in order to provide you with the healthiest and most efficient diet for your goals.

This is an extremely in depth process as we are able to turn your current status and goals into quantitative data, to better understand your body and what it needs.

This puts you at a huge advantage while trying to tackle those weight loss and fitness goals!

The Program Includes

  •  Personalized Diet Program using state of the art software
    Every diet program is unique. Our custom software takes into consideration your age, height, weight, and sex.
  •  Dietary Journal Analysis
    Meet with our on staff nutritionist (or email him) and let us work with your diet to ensure you’re getting the results you want.
  •  Meal Planning & Onsite Food Shopping Consulting
    We’ll give you a meal plan to follow to ensure you’re giving your new body the fuel it requires.